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Look Good...Stay Warm....Save Money

After starting a knitting group in my church, my house was filled with hats, scarves, blankets and other knitted items. Even after successful craft shows, there was a lot of inventory. (What can I say, I love knitting and crochet!) Someone suggested I sell my items online and now here I am.

Just as in person, I want to sell items that have a function: I make and sell quality goods that help you (or your home) look good, keep you cozy and saves you money.

Buying directly from artisans can cost more than going to a box store. It's part of my ethic to make sure that investment is a good one by providing items that impact and last.

I consider knit and crochet as spiritual gifts. They calm me and restore me. That's what goes into the items you will bring into your home - calm, restorative vibes. I truly believe in my soul that the blessings of these gifts makes the difference. It's not a hobby. It is a connection between and that something bigger I know that's out there. It's how we join. It's how I move through the world.

I use quality fibers: acrylic, cotton and some wool blends. They are affordable and create beautiful and functional pieces. I want you to feel good when use them and comfortable when you snuggle up with them.

Take a look around the shop. Something will speak to you. When it does, make the move to bring it to you and enjoy it.

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